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Stuck in a Rut


Content provided by Vivian Zabik, RDH, Certified DEXIS Instructor:  I have been in dentistry since I was 16 years old. My high school started a two-year dental assisting program with a neighboring school. I was always adventurous, so I convinced my best friend to sign up for the program with me. I told her, “I’m sure the guys are really cute at this school, especially since it’s so close to Kent State University!” She looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Is this going to be like the time you suggested we take a public bus home from school and ended up on other side of town?” I can still hear her mother lecturing us in broken Polish-English on the long drive home!

Spotlight on: Eileen Boren, RDA and Certified DEXIS Instructor

Eileen 1

From outreach to beekeeping to dentistry, Eileen derives pleasure in being fully involved in whatever activity comes her way. Learn more about how she spends her time in and out of the office.

Fully Embracing Digital X-Ray

DEXIS enhanced images

Content Offered by Eileen Boren, RDA, Certified DEXIS Instructor                  I was recently at a training session in Salt Lake City, Utah. After a pleasant greeting, the first thing the dentist said to me was, “I don’t think we’re ready to only use digital X-ray. I’m going to use my new sensor but keep using film, too, until we get more comfortable with it.” This was not the first time I had a dentist tell me about this “hybrid” plan. Smiling, I told him that I believed by the end of the day he would change his mind.

Flash That Smile

DEXcosmetic DEXIS software

The eyes may be the mirror to the soul, but it’s the beautiful smile that gets the attention of the paparazzi, the boss at the job interview, or maybe even the next love of your life. So, it’s no surprise that more dental practices are focusing on cosmetic options.

Stop Waiting for Something to Happen (with Digital X-rays)


Content provided by Eileen Boren, RDA and DEXIS Certified Instructor: Not too long ago, I went with a friend to her first appointment with her new dentist. She had heard good things about him and his office. When we arrived the receptionist greeted us with a friendly smile. The office was clean and tastefully decorated. After filling out the usual forms she was taken back to the operatory that seemed well-equipped. I was allowed to tag along.

Keep Them Coming Back for Dental Exams

Dr and patient speak about X ray findings

Ask any clinician, and they will tell you—rarely do people look forward to dental visits. Recently, the American Dental Association released statistics which show that fewer adults are visiting the dentist these days. While there are surely multiple factors causing this decline, most probably stem from anxiety. To counter this, dentists offer adjunct services, from spa comforts to headphones with pleasing audio, to help lessen the patient’s stress while receiving the dental care they need.

DEXIS go®—On The Go!

DEXIS go Doc Hyg w iPads

When the destination is optimal dental care, it’s important to travel with the best tools—even around the office. Portability has always been a hallmark for DEXIS® products, and DEXIS go®, a sleek, new engaging way for dental professionals to communicate with patients using an iPad®, continues this legacy. DEXIS was the first dental digital radiography company to launch the laptop X-ray solution to the US market in 1997. Then, in 2009, the DEXIS® Platinum sensor technology integrated image capture and processing electronics into the sensor itself, providing even greater portability. This new sensor with a direct USB connection allowed it to move quickly and efficiently between operatories.

Technology for Dental Hygiene at an All-Time High

ADHA 100th LOGO Final

2013 commemorates the dental hygiene profession’s 100-year anniversary; and from a technological standpoint, there is no greater time to be a practicing RDH! Ask any hygienist who graduated from school more than 40 years ago; she may reminisce about an era when she wore a white uniform and nurse-type cap on her head; and cleaning a patient’s teeth meant using hand scaling only. Imagine that!  As hygienists moved into scrub-type garb, technology moved forward by leaps and bounds. Ultrasonic instrumentation and jetted prophylaxis devices created benefits for patients as well as efficiency and effectiveness for clinicians.

DEXIS® Digital X-ray—Part of the Green Solution

Oregon coast

Content provided by Eileen Boren, RDA and Certified DEXIS Instructor  I was driving down the Oregon Coast last week. It was a bright day and the sky was a vibrant blue, a stark contrast to the lush evergreens lining both sides of the road. Periodically there was a break in the trees, giving me a breathtaking view of the vast blue ocean.

Intra-Oral Camera Images —Educating Patients And Insurance Companies

DEXcam in use

Content provided by Deana Parry, Certified DEXIS Instructor Acceptance of treatment plans is a primary goal in a dental practice. Many offices are now using digital X-rays. The enlarged and enhanced radiographic images promote education and make it easier for patients to gain confidence in proposed treatment. Most patients appreciate digital X-rays, but these alone don’t always tell the whole story. Intra-oral camera images can further support your radiographic findings and complete the picture, so to speak. Imagine an enlarged intra-oral image of your patient’s teeth on your computer monitor. You now have the benefit of showing your patients chips, cracks, leaking restorations, calculus, periodontal abnormalities, and any other disease or disorder that may be present.

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